As Time Goes By

It all goes dull

World out of RGB

Pastel washed


It’s good that

I now longer want

To throw stones at my reflection

To see the angry ripples

And feel them pulse

But now instead

I want to dig a hole


A deep hole

In the brown earth

Sinking below

Starching roots

And sitting in fetal position


In my subterranean cave


I wonder if others

Are burrowing too

Like worms

Making air spots

In the Earth

Deep and dark inside

Just like mine


If too many people burrow

Won’t the Earth be hollow

And empty at the top

Won’t there be no room left

To be alone

No woman can any longer have just

A room of her own

But has to have

Some roomies


What loud and noisy roomies

So annoying

She thinks

Trying to burrow deeper

She can’t

It’s hard

And she is beginning to sweat


Just a little farther

She crawls

Into the molten center

And simply

Melts into eternity

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