There’s A Storm Approaching… I Know

A storm is coming.

Do I smell it in the air?


Did I watch the weather?


Can I tell the future?



I have just seen my Earth before a storm

My Earth likes storms

So they are attracted to my Earth

And my Earth is attracted to them

Moth… meet light


I should have seen it coming

I should have told myself

That this isn’t a time

For me to get out

My storm chasing gear

And plop myself down in the middle


Last time

I almost drowned

Another time

I was hit by lightening

Before that…

That was then I began to lose my marbles


The marbles

They were too clear for me

I secretly made a wish






And that’s what I received

Storm clouds of grey and blue

Coming right for me

Right for you


Written for Poets United foresight prompt.

9 thoughts on “There’s A Storm Approaching… I Know

  1. I don’t see my comment, so I’ll try again–This poem is pure power, beautifully wrought with storm as extended metaphor for trouble that gets increasingly personal and inner. I love “Moth …meet light” because I have that relationship to falling and rear end collisions (my car’s rear end). And I love/ache at your end when the internalized mess is so clear the narrator would rather prepare for storm. This is going in my file of poems I don’t want to live without.


  2. Storm is coming! ~ How often we feel it. I do always…getting headache, not easy feeling, and clouds, clouds – right! On another layer – inner storm -we need it as well as for nature too – to refresh, to retreat! ~ passionate poem ❤


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