If Only Fall Didn’t Concede to Harsh Winter

Compliment Wisher;


I guess I am

I feel so sad

Now I no longer hear

So cute

So sweet

I love you

On a daily basis


I used to hear them

In that golden time

That faded as fall to winter

With no cause of mine


I now

Don’t have those people by my side

In the forms I knew them best as

Telling me sweet things

And being my friends


Golden wrappers slit open to gut the chocolate

Where are they now?

I have scavenged my stores for winter

Yet all is barren


I want to hear those sweet words

Said to me

With the smiles

The wilted lives

No longer possess such commodities

I want to see

Gold and orange leaves

On a tree that never belonged to me

Burst into rambunctious flames of mirth


I want it all

I want it to burn for me

But I know it never will again

Instead, I can hope

That it will at least burn

In flames that can warm the only heart it possesses

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