Onions of a Glass Body

I’m insensitive

I don’t see

I don’t hear

The true words

People are trying to tell me

So they cry out

That I am hurting them

That I don’t understand


Like onions

They have layers

Upon layers

Thin layers

Thick layers

All opaque layers

Create a single color

Coating as a solid

Skin over the heart


But what if I could see the hearts


In a crystal clear body

What if I could hear the reverberations

Of the words they try to say?


Would I even know how to

Properly react then?

If they didn’t know

I could hear their thoughts

And heard them

Asking for affection,

A hug

In their deepest heart

Would bestowing it

Offend them?


Is it better to just grope blindly?

Or to do as they say in that secret place?

Which will be the better choice

Of action for me

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