Window Eyes

I see myself

With eyes as so many windows

I do so many things


Who am I?


All these people

Gathered fact

I store them away

To be remembered in vivid flashes


Where are they,

The rest of the time?


On a planet

Of eternal rain

Who do I cry for

When none of them

Want me there

When none of them

Say I have problems

That are the magnitude of theirs


I stay far away

In the back of the movie

Watching the screen

The actors

I can do nothing for them

I am not part of

Their life stream


Dreams at night

Rats scampering



I keep forgetting

To feed them


I know I am here

In this place

I’m jaded

I’m hormonal

I’m me

I’m whatever


What’s the glass on the windows?

What aspects does it tint?

What causes it to break?

Where am I?

In the vast emptiness of my head.

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