The Doll of Society

On the table

Sat the doll of society

All primped and preened

For her yearly party


This year she wore

Bouncy hair

Big eyes

A small nose

And thin wrists




And “Superb”

She was called


After the party

Many people

Were dying to be her

And tried the best

To follow her lead

With some more dedicated to the cause

Then others


Primped and preened

The newly styled people

Went out to wow the world

With their new styles


But the maquillage

Was too heavy in some places

To permanent in others


Long years passed short praises

And the doll of society

Still sits on the table

Primping and preening for the party

But with different attributes



The people she inspired

Who walked the whole walk

Still hold the lasting effects

Of that past dazzling year

And are now seen

As products of another era

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