Someone to Trust

Do I trust anyone?

Deep in my I heart

I feel an unease creeping

These people I call my friends

Are they?


I sit and break my bread with them

Occasionally throw in my two cents

But am I really a part

Or am I just a portion of some puzzle

Sitting on top

Wishing to fit


Above the night sky

I wonder under the stars

Where could my true friend-family be,

I want to meet them


Bits and pieces fly past

As I dig myself a hole

“Will this person be right?”

I ask as they fade away


I just want to find a place

Where I fit and belong


The large group

I sit with now

Had calamity strike

And I was left on the edges

As they pulled inward

Into a sink hole


I feel so alone

I wanted…

Hoped for…



I could treasure

Who would return it.

Nice gestures

As good as given to a stranger

Do not a friend make


I want something close

To hold in my heart-

As the dirt flies past (a new hole)

I give up and wonder

When will the stars bless

A chance encounter?

With someone I can trust

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