The One I Used to Know

I see you there

Hidden in the corner of my mind

A caricature

Of someone I once knew


In the TV show I’m watching now

I see you there

Blond hair

And shape standing

In a witty character

Who the good memories remind of


Seeing this character

First sight

Can’t help but

Dislike her

Her who seems

So much like you

Whom I parted

With a sour taste in my mouth


But as I watch

The actress spinning the parts

That I saw as gold in you

I grow to like this character


I get to watch the happy bits

Of the good memories

Without the pain

Without the unhappiness

Of remembering


(Even though, if I had to go back

I would not have changed

How it all ended)

With a character overwriting the archetype

Of the one

I used to know

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