Stained Paper Scarf

A paper scarf covers the body

A sea of paper scarves

All fluttering

In untimely winds



One of the paper scarves

Begins to stain at the bottom

It’s a new stain

And it shows

Dripping into her voice and actions


The other people around

Think something is wrong.

They go to her

And ask

If they can help


Many times

They are brushed off

As the woman pretends

Her scarf is just stained from the wash


But the cold wetness of the scarf

The tattered edges

Of her fraying mental state

Begin to get to her

And she speaks out

Of the worries and fears

That have been plaguing her psyche


In a group of people

With scarves such as hers

She speaks

They listen

And say

“Oh, it’s not that bad,

At least your scarf didn’t turn,

A darker shade of red.”


The support

Is not there


The woman falls back

Looking for another place

A place where she can heal

Without being judged


People saying

It’s not that bad,

That her pain

Is less then theirs

That her pain

Is nothing

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