Her Metal Daughter

To fill the void

Left by emptiness

The single lady

Never mother

Bought herself

A metal daughter


She assembled her

To look like the girl

Who was her

Twenty years ago


She programmed many


And voice patterns into her

So many

That she seemed like a real human


The daughter knew the response

To “I love you”

Was “I love you forever and ever, Mom”

She knew when she needed

A power charge

She knew that when her mom’s eyebrows

Went a certain way

She had to pat her on the back

And ask what was wrong


But over the years

That was all she knew

Everything on a repeating cycle

No change

No nothing


New programs came out

New designs

But the now old woman

Couldn’t bear to part

With her metallic daughter

Who had long since stopped developing

Past the age

Of her last programming


She was just a doll

To fill the void

For the woman

Who was unable to mother

A human child

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