“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” – Lewis Carroll

The bookshelf falls

A resounding crack

It hits my head

And my eyes see pictured covers

And paper white


Books scatter

And paper falls

As around me sit

The words and stories

I read many yesterday’s ago




Needing to choose one

To read to a small child

I grab blindly

At a slice of nonfiction


Skimming the grisly portions

And scandalous happenings

I tell the story of an empire

And an emperor who thought he could

Conquer Poseidon


To make my telling “worthwhile”

I give the reading the moral that

One should not vent anger or emotions

In the form of fists or spears

On emotionless beings

Like the Mediterranean


Needing to choose a book

To read to a teen

I grasp at

A theological

Book of verses


Emphasizing certain parts

And discarding others

Causes argument

With me and the adolescent


At odds

I quote a verse

Twisting it for my own means

To shoot a moral

“Proving” I have won this




Squabbling with an adult

Over political views

I snatch at

An “enlightened book”


I say

With this book as my mainstay

That man has morals

And those morals

Tell man

That the thing they want

Is completely wrong


So there

Beaten by the society’s rules

From an old classic!




At my tale’s end

When all the fluttering pages and dust covers

Settle to the ground

One can clearly see

In more perspectives then just one

Moral to one man is immoral to another


Morals as well as beauty

Are in the eye of the beholder

It is also known that man has the ability

To see what he wants to see

Even when this cloud of fantasy

Eclipses the true blue sky


Written for Real Toads, I was inspired by not the normal definition of fantasy, but by the definition of calling something someone else says a “fantasy”(or a lie).

10 thoughts on ““Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” – Lewis Carroll

  1. A story of the tribe, I think, standing slack-jawed while the sibyl sings and then waiting for a priest to find the sooth in the primal soup. At least we know where to go back to when we need to back up our truths — back to the sources! Maybe that’s all art is anyway, a moral clef for the raw song of the world. — Nice –


  2. yes…yes to all the confusion… moral mind games…and craziness to make sense out of a senseless world…and still find meaning! all we can strive for is…to be kind…to not hurt…I think…


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