Awesome Blossom Award

The wonderful Marlyn of Kintal has given me the Awesome Blossom Award! Marlyn received this award herself due her beautiful creations of art mixed with poetry and prose. The rules of the award state that (1) you must thank and link back to the person who nominated you, (2) place the award’s logo on your blog and (3) nominate fifteen other people whose work you recognize as fantastic by notifying them via a comment on their blog. My nominations go out to:

1. Keith Garrett (poetry)

2. Mikial Millard (poetry and art)

3. Anna Mosca (poetry)

4. Khawaja Hamad (poetry and words of wisdom)

5. M. Funk (photography)

6. Shifa Naseer (poetry)

7. iigretaii (photography)

8. iithinks (poetry)

9. Ann (recipes)

10. Wuji Seshat Nibada (poetry)

11. John Castellenas (poetry, stories, life)

12. darkyblue (poetry)

13. bentobird (beautiful bento)

14. Maria Avlonitou & Her Husband (cooking)

15. Gretchen Leary (poetry)

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