The Chameleon Dragon

The chameleon dragon

Starts out so sweet

In endearing shades

Of pink and lilac

Instead of fire

He breathes out sweet perfume


Drawn in

The princess

Forgets her worries

And warnings

About the

Demon beast


She invites him in

And makes many promises

To her new sweet heart


Once he has her in his clutches however

Those balmy sweet summers

Begin to fade

With his pink scales

Turning red

As autumn wind

Begins to swirl


The princess adds to her layers of petticoats

And admires the red sheen

She makes a request

For warmth

And from the nostrils

A fire blazes

Burning her skirts


The dragon apologizes

But after the initial spark

He is addicted to blazing

And it becomes more frequent

He also takes to locking his princess

In a tower

From which she is afraid to escape

With her dragon below, a shade of emerald


The dragon knows

All the princes and knights

So the princess has no one to call to

Even her queen mother

Is unreachable

All are fooled

By the dragon’s soft side

Unable to see the red

Even as it blossoms red roses

On the cheeks of the princess

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