The Meat Woman

She was

A living girl once


She lived

In an unhappy life

But it was

A life


Later however

Her situation took a turn

For the worst

She was forced to be

A living woman

Living an

Unhappy life


But as the years past

And she got older

She just became

So nonchalant

So depressed

She gave up


At first

She was

Living flesh

And then dead flesh

Poked, prodded and insulted

Paraded around

And then tossed in the trash

Expected to be seen

The next day

And the one after that



Around the flesh-woman

Her own bits of flesh

Her boys and girls

Were crying


The flesh

Still had a meaty heart

It was prepared to boil itself

To remain tough and hard for the children

The flesh did what it hadn’t done

In a long while

It opened a mouth


It spoke

Sonorous words

Fast actions


After it got a mouth

It began to get a head

Then a body

Then a life


The flesh was a woman again

And was finally for the first time

Living a happy life

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