Walking Down Gratitude Lane Today, Why?

Walking down

The gratitude lane

I am told everyday

How lucky

And grateful I am

That I am not

Someone else

Living their life

On a troubled path


As I walk this way

I wonder

What do other people do

On the American Festival

Of Thanksgiving?

What do Native Americans do

On this feast day of the USA

Where everyone else does

A shoddy


Appropriation of them

With brown cloth and garish feathers

What do they think

As people don war bonnets

With face paint

Speaking imperious nonsense


In Plymouth

They stand out

Since 1970

They speak the truth

Of what the Pilgrims

Brought with them

To the table

For more then a winter’s meal

That never happened

They way it was said


They brought anti-LBGITQ

The ‘isms against class, race and sex

They created jails

Robbed graves

And committed massacres

They didn’t even land

On Plymouth

Thanksgiving was started to celebrate

The brave men

Who returned after their 700 Pequot massacre


The hurt

From the landing

Extends itself

And blankets over the land

As Malcolm X said

“Plymouth rock

Landed on us”

And it keeps falling

Day after day

Even as it was buried

And has sand poured over it

Day after day

The rock is still seen

Jutting from the sand

A blot on the sunset

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