Past the grabbing fingers

Circles around those who chase




Never failing



She thought to herself


She laughed in the face of adversity

And danced in delight

When danger touched the edges

Of her mind and feet


It pleased her

To be the last man standing

The one who held out longer then the rest

So special

So unique

The one who had

The luck of God


She thought she had the luck of God


So she did what people before her had dared

Claiming she was special

Claiming she would be different

Claiming what didn’t happen


She fell into the mouth of danger

Slipping in the cracks

She was swallowed

While all the people

Already in the stomach

Laughed at her

As the people sitting far away

Laughed at her


She thought to herself “Why was I so stupid”

But it was too late

And her pride

Tripped and humbled her

To be a fateful story

For those

Who wanted to dare

Who thought they were perfect

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