Nostalgic Neighborhood Run

A cold day


Breath in and out

A run

Around what once was

I remember


Starting out

Past the trees

Green in autumn

Red in summer

Where apple scent

Falls around me

Mingling with

Cigarette smoke


Running onwards

Blowing wind

Around my ears

The blue sky

Above the soccer park

Empty of early Wednesday


From the back of


Baby blue



I remember

Going down the lanes

Down the smells

Of laundry detergent

Barbeque sauce

And macaroni and cheese


In a heady scent


Past the homes

The wind whips

Across the dry hills

Covered in prickly cactus

Whistling through the thorns


Cars in the lot hiking car lot

My troop leader’s

My mother’s

My neighbor’s

My friend’s


Down the streets

Homeward bound


People I’ve seen


In prior years


I remember when

I remember

When time


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