What Do You Think? I Care,

I always focus

On my own


Am I driving others away?


I ask myself

What I can do to be better

Hyper-analyzing my every move

Playing it back

And wondering

If they will remember


A mishap

A small gesture

A drop of water of little importance

…to others

To me, it falls in the pool

With thousands of ripples




I see them all

Those ripples hit me

With the force of wind

Over a sea


They swipe at me

Eating my skin

My hair

My eyes

Leaving nothing but bones


The bones

Pierce the conscience

Left inside the soft skull




What if?

What if?

What if?

She remembers

What I said


Or might do


I worry




I the skeleton

Feel soft flesh again

Growing gently

Over the bones


Soft flesh

Ready to be picked

Soft flesh

Ready to be scared


I bare my shirt

And get into fighting stance

I want to see

The birds fly

Before they come at me




I want to analyze

Know the birds


No, the birds

Cawing and hawking

They come at me

What will they think?

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