Min and Nim and I

I saw her as Min

She showed me that face

For years

And then

Her head turned




Grating bone

Another side was shone


The other one

It is not Min

I refuse to believe it is her

I will call it




Not her

It looks like her

The vocal voice

Is the same

The eyes

The same

But the body is held

In rigid lines


Walking around

I see

The head of Min

On her other side




Two  heads

One brain

One brain

The head

On the other side


She now looks to me

Like just a mold

A mask

Thrown off

Swiveled to the back

So the main face

Could take control




Switched the same


My dear I

(The brain between)

Which is the main face?

I think that Min

Was the mask

But now

I am not sure

Was Min hurt

Is that why she became


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