The Mask

I am myself

Yet no one knows

Who I am




I wear the mask

I smile

I laugh

I am somebody else

Everything I do

Falls on

Somebody else’s tab

Everything that happens

Is believed to

Originate from them


When I finally

Slip into my own face

With the same mannerisms

I had under the mask


Recognizes me

They think I am cruel

To impersonate a person

Who disappeared




A broken mask

It’s been so long

I don’t even remember

When I wore it

Who was I

Back in that time?

The masquerade

Is a blur…

Was I

Am I



A twirl around

Another ball

An imitation

Of the masquerade




We all dance

They don’t know who I am


This society

Does not

Recognize my face


But I

Remind them

Spinning around

I imitate

Who I

Was once

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