The Plan

Do you know me



I have stepped forward

Knife in hand

Sharpened to a tip

Held tight


It is ready

And strong




_ _ _ _



In a web of lies

It gets caught



_ _ _ _


Time freezes

My hand above my head


Would I be proud

To say I did this?


Coming from the back

A coward, a coward

Spineless, spineless

My idea

My idea


I don’t like it

It could

Hurt me

(a coward)

Would I be proud to say

I did this

Am I



A bully, a bully

Mean, cruel

A person I would hate

A coward

Someone who hurts others

For their own enjoyment


_ _ _ _


Time speeding up

Who am I now?

That I would make and consider

Such a scheme

Prepping it all to the very end

Do I really have


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