The Non-existent Layer

I walk in society

They all see me

As a thing

A fashion

A style


They whisper

Those fanatics whisper

That underneath

I am something else


Less savory


But the common people

They love me so

For am I am theirs

A trend made popular by night


Teenage girls love me

And they listen to me

Over and over

They try to copy

And soon

A new woman rises

To the scene


She has heard this music

The enchanting tales it tells


She did not hear the


She just thought

I and my music

Was beautiful


So she sings

She writes

Off mythology

And it is her

Inner layer

The inner layer

That is my outer layer


She does not know

What she sings of

But the fanatics

Think she is a repeat of me

With a layer

Hidden underneath

A layer

That for her

Doesn’t exist

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