For Your Own Good

Signing the papers

Sending you

Out the door

Out of the

Protective nest

You entered

Only a year before


You don’t understand

They want you back!

The ones

Who told you to leave


“Life like this

Doesn’t suit you”


Of that

You need to return

Be what you used to


It is not a sacrifice

It is my duty

To give you back

Your life




But what if I

Don’t want it

What if I was happy

To be rid of such a life

Why are you forcing

What you think would be good for me

Onto me


I left that life

And came here

It wasn’t

A drop of status

I wasn’t


My dream

I was choosing

To live my life

In a place

Where the box

Was closed shut

On all sides

Except the bottom


I fell through the bottom of the box

Out of the sky

And landed here

Where I will





“So sorry,

I will have to decline

Your kind offer,

I’m quite happy now,

So leave me be.”

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