Time Loop


A dark path in front of me

But why

I was just in the street



In my life

I move


In the physical world

I set towards tomorrow

But mentally

I am stuck in today


The crow calls

A morning

From yesterday’s yesterday

He laughs

He sees in my

A story of everyday


Yet I don’t see

And stand

Thinking that I move

I wonder why


Seems the same

Why everyday

Ends in blackness


The day is ending

Time to walk home

It’s coming

I turn

I see it

Bright lights



As I fall

I think

I recognize those lights

From somewhere..

Another day


It passes

I know now

It is coming

But what if I

Don’t walk the same way

As yesterday



The crow is laughing

In his tree

I shake my fist

And climb

To see what happens

Below me

I am(?)


I stand down there

On the path

I daily take

So if that is me

Who am I

Looking down

I am a light

Looking down

I am dead


The crow laughs

As the light dims

On the living dead

As time speeds forward

And the car hits its mark

As the reason

Is realized

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