“A dream is only for the night. In the day, a new morning begins” – ?

At night

Behind the lids

Bright lights flash

A dance party is seen

Teachers and crayons

Hitting it off

Grading papers

As they dance the tango

To the scent of oranges



A nightmare

Here I am

A man

Stuck in stone

Turned from flesh to wood

Nonsensical fear


Then the senses kick in

As eye lids flutter

In the deepest sleep



An incomplete meadow

Colors fade when I (now seen as a book character)

Study them closely

The sun is absent (as usual in my dreams)

And there is no sky

Just a fading country

Stuck in almost silence




Warmth hits my eyelids

I crack them open

To see the “same world”

Where I begin my day

All the senses intact

Back to level one

As the same person I was


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