I was wandering up a hard road

The day was hot

And the sun beat down

I didn’t want to

Do it anymore

I wanted it all

To stop

So I stopped looking forward


Around me

A lemonade stand

With fresh strawberries

Flowers of pinks and purples

Among dewy leaves

I stopped

To smell the flowers

And buy

A frosty glass

With chilled strawberry ice


Once watered and rested

I looked over

At the seller

In a calm dreamy gaze

And asked him

How he came to be here

At his answer

I looked

At the breeds of flowers

And saw

They weren’t the native weeds


Had planted them

It was all planned



I looked back

Nothing behind me


Where I had been going before

A blur in the distance

Why was I going forward again

I had had a purpose

What was it???


Setting down my bag

To think

It clanged and clattered


Pots, food and a roll

Set for a long journey

To where?

Why had I been running?



The dirt stirred up


Who looked like me

Ran past

Panting hard

I reached out my arm

Trying to get them

To stop

So I could question them

But they

Just ran faster


I started to jog after but


Why try?

They have a purpose?

What’s mine?

A paper dropped out of my pocket

A paper

A contest



Flooding back

My purpose

To complete my job

To be able to proudly say

I can do it

Do bring back the medal

To my family

To show them

I was actually someone

I wasn’t

The weak person

Who they thought I was

I am strong


I dropped

The flowers

And lemonade

I picked up my bag

And bolted


Was ahead

The past

Was behind

And the present

Was zooming past

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