The Connecting Chain

Starting out


Two friends

Tied together




Eating watermelon on a bench


Sipping sweet lemonade


Taking walks in the canyon


Playing cards

Together talking deep into the night

Together Together Together




It seemed

A great idea at first

To throw away the key

So no one could separate us

But now, I’m regretting it




I know

All about her now…

It has been to long

I need

A break

She needs to form

New memories

Without me




Her very voice

Grates on my ears


We weren’t meant to be

What once was honey to me

Is raw lemon juice

On the thousands of paper cuts

I have developed

Over the many years




It began sweet

But now

I am dragging her


To a blacksmith

I should have done this before.




Chain broken

I leave her

The world

Is opening

I will go

Where ever my feet lead me




Dawning on the morning

Days after I left her

I feel


I was always attached at the hip

She was always there

I was never alone

Another heart was always beating

A few feet away




My heart

Switches sides

Every night

I want to see her

Yet each time

I remember

The scars

Of my many cuts


Maybe seeing her

Just once

Wouldn’t be so bad…




She’s moved on

I am no longer part of her life

C’est la vie




But in my head

A chain still connects me

To that chapter of life

In memory

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