Predestined To Be Hated?

Before I saw her

I heard about her

And when I saw her

I hated her


The very shape of her face

Repulsed me

Her eyes

Made me blaze inside

Her voice

Was like poison

Being dripped down the ear


I hated her

Plain and simple

She knew it

I knew it

The whole world knew it.

I made her life

A living hell

And never regretted it

Until that day


I found her crying

I heard it first

A soft sound

I had never heard


Behind a bush


At first

(Not knowing it was her)

I felt indignation

Who had hurt this child?

And then

When I walked around the bush

To comfort her

I realized

Who the bully was

It was I


I hated her

Before I knew her

I treated her badly

Before I knew her

If the situation was reversed

I would hate her

For the reason

I have never had

For hating her

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