We Are Made of Our Experiences

Pure as the driven snow

Is what they said she was

They said she was perfect


Blank as a sheet of paper

Ignorant of the evils of the world


When I met her

She couldn’t talk

She just stared ahead

Not speaking

Not moving


I guess you would call her

Average size

She just ate water

And some substance

That would give her

All the nutrients

She would need


When I walked out of her room

(Plain white with nothingness)

I asked them

Her parents

How she was



“She’s pure”

She may not know

What you call kindness

But she also does not understand

What you call evil

She is untouched by the sins of the world


“But she is also not touched by

The virtues of the world”

“She does not know joy

Or happiness.”

“But she also has never felt misery

Or anger.”


She is blank

As a pure white sheet of paper

She is innocent of all


But by being blank

Not experiencing life

She has lost

The chance to learn

What morality is

The chance to live

Outside the soap bubble

The chance to feel


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