Admiration, The Greatest Flattery

I followed her

Stepping lightly in each print

Her tennis shoes made

I wrote down what she ate

Strawberries with milk

Who she liked

Her reactions

And her expression

And phrases


She was my God

My would-be queen

I would follow her

To the ends of the Earth

For she was

My idol


Then one day

She suddenly turned

Spinning on one foot

In a brown fake-leather tennis shoe, purchased a month ago

She sprang at me


“Don’t you have a life!”

“Who are you?!”

“Are you me?”

“If you aren’t

Why do you stand there

Dressing like me,

Acting like me,

Trying to live my life!”

“Get a life! I’m living mine!”


In a storm the

1.4 meter tall, 2 feet of hair

Idol… the girl

Who I idolized for months

Denounced me

And was gone


A half written paper

A schedule of tomorrows

Ripped to shreds

Without her

Who am I?

I’ve spent so long

In her shoes

Living a almost exact

Copy of her life,

Do I have anything

Left of the girl who was once


I walk back

To my strawberry room

In my brown leather tennis shoes

Taking off my 3 centimeter heels

And getting the scissors


I need to be

Somebody else

“Myself” rejected me

I need to be

Someone different tomorrow

Following her last wish

For me


Taking scissors

I snip my hair

I peel strips of pink wallpaper

Take out my shoes from before

And sit in front of the mirror

Who am I now?

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