The Mask/Pseudonym

I took another face

To avoid being seen

And known as who I am

Because that would

Bring up

Preconceptions of others

Of who and what

I am

What I should know

What I should do

What I shouldn’t do


I also took it

To hide from those

Who say

They know me

And those

Who judge me

By my stature and looks


I wanted to share

My opinion


I wanted to be

A blank face

With no emotion

Just a mouth

Moving for my works


But now

I have become

“A blank face”

The colors of the mouth

Spread to the rest

And make

A face different from my own


This face

Is afraid to speak

On certain topics

Due to criticism

This face

Writes from

Its own experience

And yet

The pseudonym has become

A name

With a body

A mind

A will

A soul


No longer a false front

A mask

For an author to hide in

Among the masquerade

But a separate set of chains

To bind

To etiquette and


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