Why Do You Call Me It?

In a cold metal room

A robot was made

It sat up straight

And gave a vacant stare

It had no life

No spark



The creator

Took it to a room

And showed it a slideshow

On what life on Earth was like


But then

The robot

Began to question


Who were its parents

“We are”

Said the scientists

“We created you”


Who were its siblings

“Our other creations

Are kin to you”

Said the scientists


But on holidays

When the robot

Was taken home

From the house

Of one scientist

To the next

It began to see life



Those kids

Who ran to the “scientists”

Calling them

“Mother and Father”,

Were warm


The robot felt its skin

The skin was cold

The siblings

Were cold


At one house

The robot

Saw so much emotion

It filled the air

And the robot tried to gulp it in


But it just went through the pores

In the robot’s skin

It wanted to know

What love was

What misery felt like

What happiness was

It wanted to dream

To eat and taste

To drink and breathe


It could act

Feign the emotions

Be like and actor in a movie

It could

Draw pictures

And pretend to dream

But it was not reality


It hoped

If it pretended long enough

It would feel

It would become

What it really wanted

A reality

Where it was a she

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