Puppy Dog to Monster

The child king

Sat on his throne

He ordered

A creation

To be made

In the form

Of a monster dog


When it was made

It opened its big eyes

It was sweet

It was happy

It wanted love


To the king

It was brought

And he ordered it

To be taken away

For it was ugly

To him


It toiled many years

In the sky

Away from sight

And up there

It cried

Tears that were frozen

And fell to Earth

Hitting the king’s crops


The king

Was scared

Monster was forgotten

He ordered

His guards

To investigate


They claimed

A giant wolf

Ravaged the sky

The king

Ordered him destroyed


The monster

Was beaten down

And grabbed

Before the king

Realized his mistake


And the king

Now knowing that the monster

Was his fault

Ordered it

Sent to the Arena

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