I am ashamed

Of what I am doing

I am despicable

I should

Know better

She taught me well

Mia did




Hitting me

Like a nail

Her name

It drives into my conscience

Mia wouldn’t want

Mia would be ashamed


Without Mia

I would be nothing

Without Mia…


Back to the time

When I was a child

She was there

Watching me


And her name

Like a pacifier

Soothes me

Reminding me

Of my morality

Of who

I should be

Based on her


With “Mia”

In my heart

I walk forward

To change

What I became

When Mia left

One thought on “Mia

  1. Sometimes I find that I feel ashamed of choices I make in life based on what my parent’s religious beliefs are and then realize that I don’t share all of those same beliefs. Whatever the struggle you’re going through- I hope you find peace within your own heart about it, instead of someone else’s.

    Nicely written


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