Following My “Fate”

Coming to a new world

They hand me an ax

And tell me

What I must do


“But I don’t know

How to use an ax”

I say

“I couldn’t use it

Even if I wanted to”


They tell me

To do it anyway

Around the land

The people

“Need me”

But do I

Need them


I have never

Can never

But they say it is

A must


I walk away

Then turnaround

Out of remorse

And ask

Why those who

Are suitable

And have the training

Aren’t doing the job


“It has to be you”

They say

“Can’t you even train me?”

“What will I get?”

I say

“You will get training”

They say


So here I am now

With an ax in my head

And hand

Trying to see what happens

If I follow their ideal

Of fate

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