My life is mine to live

And I have lived it

From beginning

To the center it is now

I have made my decisions

Spun my web

So don’t come at me

With spider fingers

Scuttling through the records

Of my life

Saying you absolve me



Aren’t inside me


Aren’t my conscience

So why do You

Have the power to change



Throw away

Your words of absolution

You cannot

Absolve me

Take it all away


You are just a bleach

Trying to melt it out

Trying to burn it away

Trying to take it away

To make it

The color you think it started as

“Pure white”


You say

You have known me

When you aren’t me

Who care’s

Why should you care

About who I have become

The state of my soul!


Get out!

You are not in my head

You are outside


A place that you want to be

Is unrestricted to only me

Because only I have the power

To be myself

I believe

In me


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