No Feeling

All my life

I lived in weak colors

It wasn’t truly life yet

And I was a grub

With eyes opened a crack


That suddenly grew grey


That then went blank


I walked with my hands

To my sides

Not even trying to feel

Just moving


No point


Falling in and out

Of cold and hot

And not even knowing

What was around

Just thinking

Life is supposed to be this way

I am one

On the Earth


Then suddenly

I am not in control of

My own destiny


Is pushing me

I can’t feel it


I feel an inability

To go in the direction I was headed


It bangs me on the head

And turns me around and around

Pushing my head


And down

I am dizzy

I fall


My hand is taken


I feel it

What is this?


I am lead

And cloth snaps

I see the world

And its blinding

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