Falling Limbs

He says he saw “the” light

Shining in her eyes

As she left the stage

With a dazzling smile


He says this as he sits

On a chair

Day after day


Trying to remember

What she looked like

What the perfume smelled like

What melodies her voice held


When he remembers her exact look

His eyes drop out

They don’t wish to see

Anything to mar

The beautiful vision

Given to them by the mind


His nose

Does not wish

To smell any sweeter air

Then that that surrounded her

So it did a huge exhale

And fell off so as not to

Taint the smell


He replays her songs

On a record in his mind

And when his ears

Have drunk in

The perfection

They fall off too


His hands now pick up all the parts

And the legs run

Only reattaching the limbs

At her concerts

So as to only truly feel alive

For the gift of her

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