Flowers: Common, Exotic

A man sits next to a flower

The flower sighs

And lives

With the man next to it

For many a year

With the thought ever growing on him

That it is a common flower


Word comes

That a new flower

A dancing flower

An exotic flower

Is coming to town

It spreads like a fog

And when the fog hits the man

And when it clears

The “common” flower

Is left alone on the bench


In the distance

This flower

See’s that man

Hair slicked back

Practically running to the rooted flower

Trying to reach it first

And gawk at it like the others


He squats next to its spot

In the soft grass

And croons

What a beautiful creature it is

“Much Better” then the common flowers

Like that one on the bench


The flower sighs

And the man builds a bench

So he can watch it grow

And live

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