Inside the Cell

She sat in a room

A cell in her mind

She thought and dreamed

And made life as she wished it

She grew shorter

The walls complemented her

As her skin tightened

And her eyes grew bigger


She looked through drawn on windows

At the world she had created

And she smiled

As all was as she wished


But behind the door

Of the cell

The real memories

Were calling


On the doors

Called her eyes

Her family

Was calling


They wanted their daughter

Their friend

Their sweet heart

And she

Was deaf


She danced and pranced

And lived life

In the cage


But for phantoms

Dressed as the people

She wanted to see


But after a while

Her memory

Began fading

The people

Began to loose limbs

Look fuzzy

As did the world

In a short time

The room was blank


She was shrunken

Into and eyeless creature

Pawing at the walls

For nothing


One day

She hit the door

And opened her eyes

To see people

Who knew her

But who she

No longer knew

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