She wanted to reach the sky

She crawled

Out of her daisy grave

Clawing the wood

Trying to pull it apart


She strove through the dirt

One goal in mind


She didn’t know what she would do

When she got out

She just knew

She would run

And hide

And run

And hide


Time passed

And she was out

Before she knew it

She was free


She looked down

At her finger nails

Covered in dirt

And her skin


Looking like it might rot

She felt fear



What she had come up for

She longed for the warmth of the dirt

As the surface winds

Racked her body

She wanted to escape again

But to where?


She wondered

What had given her the drive

To claw her way from the ground

Onto the empty land above




She thought long

And hard

When she was done

She had found the answer


It was hope

The thing

That the shivering winds stole





She didn’t know

If she had enough left to reach the sky

One thought on “Hope

  1. So inspiring, sometimes the only thing that we are really left with is hope and there are those times when it just feels like it is not enough. I really liked the flow and intensity of this poem.


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