“I Wanna Be A Fairy!”

Once upon of time

A girl was taken

To a fantasy land

To get used to the new life

That was ahead of her

When she said

She wanted to be

A fairy

On her job application


She was taken around

And when she saw

The bright castle

Where she was to work

She said

She had seen it

At Disney


When she saw

The magic being preformed

She said

She had seen it in


Over and over

And that their visual quality

Was bad


She hated her work

The long hours

Trying to please others

Making their dreams

Come true

As her had been


She wished

She had never wished

To be a fairy

And asked

If she could return

To be human


Her employer,

A male feye replied

“You still have to pay back

The magic for your wish

To become a fairy.

Since your life as a human

Is being lived by

The last person

Who wanted to be

One of us.”


So the girl turned fairy

Crept into

The bedazzled bedroom

Of a little girl,

She looked at the glossy walls

And the pink sparkles

And waited until the girl

Wanted to be a fairy

In the game


She waved her wand

And puff

The girl

Was now a fairy

And she was a real girl

In a body

She didn’t understand

With people who were strangers to her

But hey!

She was human again

2 thoughts on ““I Wanna Be A Fairy!”

  1. Daisy, thanks for your comment on my interview at Real Toads. I promised I would visit everyone who commented, and you were the very first!

    This is an amazing take on “be careful what you wish for,” because it also touches on the facade that is Disney, the actual working conditions of fairies (don’t they have a union yet?), and your phrasing. The best, for me, was the concept that she “owed her soul to the company store,” you know, like how undocumented immigrants pay the coyotes their whole lives when all they wanted was to work in America.

    On so many levels, this blew me away. Thanks again, Amy


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