The Terrible Land Serpent & the Scummy Hero

Once upon of time, in a land unchanged by modern ________(plural form of technology), there was a family of ________(plural type of animal). The land this small family lived in was being ravaged by a terrible land-serpent. The family was _______ (emotion ending with -ed) and decided they must do something about this ________ (derogatory noun). They decided to send their smallest child, ______ (name), out to seek the great hero of the  ______ (compass direction).

Little ______(insert the name again), traveled long and hard until she found the ______ (adjective) hero, but the hero only said she would only do the work for ______ (amount of any currency). Thinking that all her work was in vain, the little creature cried tears the size of ______ (plural noun). The hero, worried that this crying child might ruin her reputation, decided to come see what damage this _____(adjective) land-serpent had caused.

When the hero saw the damage, her eyes sparkled with ______(emotion). From the tracks the hero could tell that this _______ (adjective) beast was _____ (adjective describing size), and its _____ (insert body part) could be sold at the king’s market for many _____ (form of currency). She decided to do the job for free and ________(adverb) went off to face the beast.

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