Security in the Surface world

I love my world

On the surface

Of a boiling tide

Where I

Only seeing the crust

The sweet crust with sugar burned on

In smiles and hearts


Under my world

Is a jumble pie

So many different sectors




Things that worry

My sweetened thoughts

All hidden by the crust


Sometimes they poke through

Seeing through their high windows

Into my surface world

That they scorn

For being sweet sugary and false


I love my gumdrop trees

Were I can pretend

Everyone is happy

Everyone is healthy

And that they all are

Gingerbread people

Just living their

Cotton lives

Sucking their lollipops

Just like I do


But the world

Doesn’t work like that

Applying more sweet crust

I try to cover

The ventilation shafts

Of the inner world


But the gas builds

It all builds

And in the building it will



Wrecking my surface world

And marring all

That is on it

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