Looking At Butterflies

How much of life

Is spent

Looking a butterflies

Looking at the shining sun

From the nest of papers

Scattered on a desk

In an office


Remembering the youth

With a fondness

Chasing butterflies

Wishing for it over again

All grown up

Not thinking

Of even the passing wing

Of a butterfly


Like a butterfly in water


Is draining the color

Lack of time

No time to love

Not a place

Where butterflies

Are seen


What is life for?

How is it seen?







What sort of lifecycle

Is that?

Can’t life

Be worked

Under the sun?

Why can’t life be enjoyed

Without only

Give and take

Why can’t people

Slow down

To go out

Smell the flowers

And look at the butterflies


This was inspired by a post written by the Culture Monk.

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