Astronomical Fears

I am afraid

Of space

Of what’s out there

Beyond my blue


I know

That I will be long dead

Before the sun

Begins to cool

And grow blistering red


I am afraid


I tell myself

That I am safe

All is well

As my brain


Around me


What if?

What when?

I know the answer,

Yet inside

My heart

Is not stilled

Is it natural fear?

Is it instinct?


An instinct that

Doesn’t act

When I

Am afraid

Of the other


That ravage the Earth


Inside my mind though

I fear

The unknown

And every waking day

Wish for ignorance


For this



I wish

I could crawl up

Into my little den

And never leave

Never hear

What the future holds

Just stay


One thought on “Astronomical Fears

  1. I think we all have these nagative thoughts about the distant future, you are the first to put them on paper.


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