Healing Water

I let the steam

Wash the air around me

It has

A clean scent

No chemicals

No dirt

Just water


It covers me

Like a soft veil

It heals

The cuts

And bruises

It softens tough skin

And makes breathing easier


Closing my eyes

I see


My mind is quiet

I have

Forgotten everything

As the water

Layers over me


This was shared with Dverse and their bathroom poetry prompt

15 thoughts on “Healing Water

  1. nice…i like the feel of that…there are those days it just feels good to stand in teh shower and let it all wash over you….taking all the stress and such away…i have felt that…and been there…smiles.


  2. …ah, the healing presence of water can be so overwhelming to the extent we simply may be just carried away without even noticing it… smiles… loved the gentle approach you made here… smiles…


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