Uprooting That Memory

Watching it

The plant grow

Out of moist dir-



The head

Tilts back

The image of the plant




Sits in the head

Trying to blot it


Make it go away

Push it away


Seeing the plant

Fresh green

Rising up

With a light gree-



It hits like a knife

Of what happened earlier

How the day

Turned so sour

No, think of the plant

Not the day

Not the day


The stem

Reaches to the sky

The leaves

Unfold like children

Kissing the su-




The images break like waves

Hurting the mind

But then

In anger

Dropping them

And watching them shatter

Like dishes


The bud of the plant


A blossom

Red forms

Grows and drops

As the day

Is scrapped out of memory

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