Video-Game Hero

The hero of the game


Took his sword


Out of the enemy

He gave his prescribed speech

And walked towards his princess


But how did he get there?

Even if the controller

Said it was easy to win

Simple even

Didn’t the video game character

Have to earn his way?


In the beginning

He fought

To clear the tiny monsters

With his tiny health bar

To let the villagers

Get across the valley


He helped a child

Get her toy back

And was

Rewarded by her grateful parents

With a tool

That helped him get the key

To get into

The kidnapper’s castle


If the hero

Hadn’t been kind

And had just went straight

To the castle

Without helping the villagers

The child and all the others

How would he have accomplished

The great deed?


All he would have

Would be a tiny health bar

And no key

In a game

Where sitting locked outside

The castle

To starve the enemy

Was not an option


In the beginning

The hero

Was like a heavy statue

And he was lifted up


With the small deeds

So he could stand

To face

The 8-foot


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