Jack & The Beanstalk


Inside my ears

Blood pounds


Don’t look down

The wind roars below me


Hand over hand

Hand over hand

The sinews

Of the stalk

Feel rough


To such a size


Up and up


Why I even wanted to attempt

Climbing the beanstalk


Reaching the top

Coming out of

A blue mist

Onto a hard white path


The world twists

And turns

As I spin

To walk

Towards the Giant world


Running now

It is later

Giant chasing

Inside my hands

A magic harp


He cheated the giantess’s


He stole


And more gold

This Jack

Was driven by poverty


That’s what I



To make myself

Feel better

As I run


It started with courage

A thirst

To see the world beyond

And later

To possess its riches

But it ended

In greed, poverty

And death


Later people say

It was good

I killed him, the Giant

They say

(and I say aloud)

That he

Was a giant-monster


But in my heart

I know the truth,

The one who did

All the bad deeds

Was I

Jack the giant killer

Jack the murderer

Jack the monster


This was written for dVerse‘s theme of “Monster”.

17 thoughts on “Jack & The Beanstalk

  1. oo it is what i say to make myself feel better…that part really jumped out at me…as i think then we find our own role int he monster eh? great use of short lines to drive the intensity in this…


  2. Can’t help but be reminded of Jack the Giant Slayer, which I recently saw. Jack and the Beanstalk was always one of my favorites.


  3. I like what you did with the story, and the pacing of the lines gave that nice introspective, confessional vibe. It matched your frame of the story through guilt.


  4. Very nicely written. I like your re-telling of this fairy tale. I really have no sympathy for Jack – he went up to such lengths to invade the Giant’s castle and steal the Giant’s property. Although, to justify Jack, some versions of the legend says that the Giant stole them from Jack’s family to begin with.


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